Test Data Management (TDM) is Test Data Management, the process that obtains data from different production environments, where sensitive data is managed and masked, for later use in Development, Testing, and Training environments. etcetera, (see Figure 1) where this test data serves as an input for development or to test functionality.    

Specifically, some of its main functions are as follows:

  • CREATE REALISTIC SCENARIOS: Data retains key properties to be functional. They must be small, but representative of the production environment, allow error control and, at times, obey models of a hypothetical production system. Their format does not usually vary, so they are realistic and are useful when developing applications. 
  • PROTECT SENSITIVE DATA: Test data management uses masking techniques to hide personally identifiable information or other sensitive data.
  • CREATION, MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE: The test environment requires to be consistent and manageable, which also implies updating the data, and a TDM fulfills this role, essential to improve test efficiency. 
  • AUTOMATED PROVISIONING: It offers modified data in an automated way for the adequate provisioning of data that we will use in the test systems.